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Gut Health


The human digestive system is a powerful tool for maintaining wellness, but if it's out of balance, the gut can wreak havoc and cause your clients to stall, or worse yet, go backward in their progress. Learn how to easily recognize your clients' digestive disorders, how they compromise your clients' goals, and how to effectively coach them to achieve a healthy gut microbiome. This Master Course will take you deep into the digestive system and provide you with in-depth knowledge for optimal health results.

Thyroid Health


Besides the health of the gut and the liver there is probably nothing that is more important to a person's health and well-being, than the healthy function of their thyroid gland. The thyroid is the master regulator of a person's metabolism – it dictates how many and at what speed that calories are burned for energy. If the thyroid is dysfunctional it can slow down a person's metabolic rate by 50%. Challenge yourself to learn all that you can about the thyroid so that you can be the best coach possible and help your clients renew their energy levels and love themselves once again, as we all should.

Men's Hormone


Whether you and your clients are seeking fat loss, muscle gain, better performance or even simply better overall health, hormones, and our internal physiology must be functioning properly to safely and effectively reach our goals. Optimal male hormone health is not as simple as grabbing testojack 9000 from your local supplement store. From optimizing testosterone to ensuring longevity, we must understand how our body's physiological hormonal "thermostat" works to correct hormonal deficiencies and maximize client outcomes.

Women's Health


Women have been (and continue to be) targeted with the latest and greatest in the health and fitness world. From quick fix, fat loss diets to the effects hormonal birth control, there is now a whole realm in the health world specifically for women's health and hormones. In this master class, we look behind the curtain of media and get down to the science of it all. Whether you or your clients are seeking help for healing, getting a period again, or navigating through menopause years it is important to understand the basic physiology of it all. What hormones are involved, how those hormones interact with each other, and what lifestyle and environmental factors can impact hormones.

You’re in Good Company

Hundreds of Coaches and Physical Trainers have used our education programs to become truly exceptional coaches, land new clients, and change their lives.

“The growth that has happened...Thanks to Jason for pulling my story out of me..."
Key Nutrition, Level 1 Certified
“Before I Started Working With
Jason, I didn't even have a business"
Empowered Momma, Level 1 Certified
“The NCI Level 1 set me up as a coach…”

Level 1 Certified
“I can’t even convey how incredible Trevor, Jason, and the other coaches have been.”
Level 1 & 2 Certified Nutrition Coach
“You will not be disappointed.”

Level 1 & Hormone Certified
“I walked out of Level 1 wanting to be a Nutrition Coach which I never saw coming.”
RD, Level 1 & 2 Nutrition Coach
“I’ve done a lot of nutritional stuff...but with NCI I am able to connect the dots in a way that I couldn’t before.”
"I love the take-home points I can automatically start to implement with clients and see real results”
“I went from starting out as a side hustle nutrition coaching business to working with a handful of pro athletes now at only 21 years old”
Level 1 Certified Nutrition Coach
"No one helped me with the real application and troubleshooting I had to do with clients until Jason showed up."

Level 1 Certified Nutrition Coach
"It was like drinking from a firehose even though I have a long history of nutrition background."

Level 1 Certified Nutrition Coach
"The 3 biggest things I’ve gained from NCI are:
1. The coaching is next level, I have never, (not in university, taking courses like NASM or even other mentorships outside of NCI) received the kind of hands on learning as I have from here. The energy, passion, education, experiences that everyone has to share is worth more than I ever expected. I have loved working with Mrs. Cassidy and Travis James. The lectures From Jess and Jason, plus all the key speakers I’ve heard from in NCI

2. The ongoing education that keeps getting created. I do not know many companies that are willing to change a mold they’ve created. NCI is all about changing it and recreating it better than ever. We are all constantly learning and life is constantly changing so it only makes sense, but it feels great to be involved with a brand that believes in it.

3. The journey that NCI will take you on if you allow it. The connections you make, the doors that can open. So many things that I never even thought about has just happened and I’ve loved ever step of the way💯"

Erin C.
"“There’s a reason every single one of my coaches is required to go through NCI before working for us. It’s the most application based nutrition coaching certification course there is! Period. 

NCI expands how macronutrient are used in a coaching setting, while teaching their students what real connection means.”

Cody M.
Seattle, Washington
Here's What Other People Who Went Through Our Education Programs Are Saying
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